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Screen Projectors Have Evolved

Screen projectors have matured over the last few decades. We have seen the analog units, which are still used in many movie theaters; make way for the digital screen projectors, which is the newest invention that has a lot to offer.

First lets examine the difference between the two basic types of screen projectors. There is the analog or CRT, Cathode Ray Tube and then there is the digital screen projector. The analog screen projectors were originally used by movie theaters and any organization that needed screen projectors for large rooms or arenas. The film quality was great and the option for front and rear projection. The analog screen projectors were large, heavy, cumbersome and very expensive. These screen projectors require professionals to set them up because the placement of the projector to the screen both in distance and elevation impacts the quality of the picture. The screen also has to have a specific level of grain concentration. There are a lot of factors to make this choice not the best for home theaters. Oh, by the way the price might also make it not your best choice. The prices were about $50,000 to $70,000, however, the price has gone down some to about $5,000 or less. It still does not match the economical price of the digital that starts at about $700.

The digital screen projectors are the latest type of screen projectors available. These are much smaller and easier to maneuver. The weight is minimal. So what are the big differences between the digital and the analog screen projectors? The digital has the pixels to measure the quality of the picture. The digital is more precise and yet, if not done correctly the pixels or dots could be visible to the viewer. The digital screen projector is very popular with high definition TV and home theaters. The clarity that the digital screen projectors offer makes it a great choice for the serious home theater connoisseur.

If someone has a home theater they are serious about their DVDs and or movie watching. Oh, yes, sports too. How could we forget. Watching the sports with digital projectors in high definition is almost like being there in person and sitting on the sidelines with the players.

The screens used by the serious home theater user usually run from ceiling to floor and cover as much of the wall as possible. The screen will be manual, electric or fixed. If the room is being used for other purposes at other times, then a fixed screen would not be the best selection. Portable screens are not the best option for someone who is a serious home theater owner. If the home theater is used every day then there needs to be definite areas for the screen and for the screen projectors. The options for screens are expanding, there are portable screens, pop-up screens and even inflatable screens now available.

There is a ratio that is needed for the screen projectors to work well for home theaters. The ration is 16:9, width to height, which is the best ratio for HDTV.

Selecting the best screen projectors is of utmost importance in your home theater. The screens will be important but the screen projector sets the level of quality that will be viewable in the home theater. There are a lot of things to consider when selecting screen projectors. It is more than just price it is about what the projectors will be used for. There are a lot of factors that affect the quality of the images of screen projectors.

There are three types of digital screen projectors. These are LCD - Liquid Crystal Display, DLP - Digital Light Processing, and LCOS - Liquid Crystal On Silicon. Each of these has advantages. Each home theater has specific needs and purposes. These will drive the choices for both the screen projectors and the media screens.

The choices are really very clear, while the CRT screen projectors offer film quality it does come at a price of $50,000 or even at reduced rates it comes to almost $5,000. so there is something to be said for the digital screen projectors, which offer economical projectors that are easy to use and the units are portable. The home theater owner has a lot of choices to make to ensure this home entertainment area will be top notch quality at an affordable price.

Screen projectors
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